InkDen Tattoo Studio Blackpool proudly offers 3 award winning resident tattoo artists , we also have guest tattoo artists in our tattoo studio throughout the year, offering more tattoo styles to you in our custom tattoo shop. Our tattoo artists all specialise in different styles of tattooing so we can  offer you the best artist for your next tattoo.

Our artists specialise in many different styles of tattooing including: Bio mechanical, Dotwork, Neo Traditional, Black and Grey, Colour, Trash Polka and Realism. Unsure what all these different tattoo styles are that we offer in our shop?

Check out our Find Your Style where you can see just some of the tattoo styles we offer in the studio, still searching for your next tattoo? Feel free to CONTACT US and we will be happy to help.



Our inhouse laser tattoo removal clinic proudly has 9 years experience in tattoo removal and over 22 years in the tattoo studio industry. We offer a FREE consultation with our laser tattoo removal specialist upon request who has received the highest available qualification in the Uk for laser removal organised by Lynton and Certified by the University of Manchester school of Physics and Astronomy. 

As well as tattoo removal  we can also offer shorter treatments to fade a tattoo if you are interested in a cover up tattoo in the future.

Whatever your tattoo removal needs are be sure you are in the right place. 

Want to know more about out laser removal services in our Blackpool clinic?




Inkden tattoo studio had its early beginnings as Blackpool Dragons Den tattoo studio. With all things in life we decided it was time for a change, this was the beginning of Inkden.

Shamack the studio owner came to Blackpool 15 years ago and the rest is history! Our studio offers a fully air conditioned environment, customer service is main focus  of the Inkden ethos.

We offer free hot and cold drinks to all our clients and chocolate and snacks are on offer also. Forgot your lunch? No problem we got out for lunch each day to make sure everyone is fed and comfortable. Free wifi is also on offer to our clients and we have films playing throughout the day. Anything else you need from us feel free to ask us, we are always happy to help. We happily welcome walk ins in our studio.

Any questions you may have feel free to look over our FAQ section or 



Our Inkden tattoo shop artists attend only the best tattoo conventions in the UK and also various tattoo conventions around Europe.

Maybe our Blackpool tattoo shop is a little too far and you are thinking " I want a tattoo from one of the Inkden artists but the tattoo shop is not near me " with our Blackpool tattoo artists attending tattoo conventions this makes having your next tattoo with ourselves possible even if you are not near our Blackpool tattoo shop.

Not booked in with one of our artists? That's not a problem, we always welcome walk in tattoos in the studio, check out our artists work to see tattoo designs up for grabs for that impulse tattoo you thinking of, want to discuss further a tattoo idea with one of our artists?




Shamack has been tattooing in Blackpool for 15 years now. Inkden was known to many for years as Dragon Den tattoo studio, over time Shamack thought it was time to reinvent the studio, this was the beginning of Inkden. Tattooing in various from black and grey realism to freehand. Shamack's real passion lies in biomechanical tattoos, from sculpting designs to creating them into tattoos Shamack creates it all. Want to see more of Shamack's tattoos?
See his work.


Anna has been a Laser specialist since January 2015 after receiving the highest available qualification tattoo laser removal in the UK organised by Lynton and Certified by the University of Manchester school of Physics and Astronomy. Anna offers a free consultation before the treatments to give you an opportunity to meet with her and to discuss the best treatment option for you. Anna also free-lances in Journalism, photography, PR and advertising.
See her work.


Your first point of contact at Inkden tattoo studio. From booked tattoo sessions to walk in tattoo enquiries Ben will be here to welcome you. Any questions or advice you have feel free to ask. As well as being front of house Ben is also an artist himself, known both locally and around the globe. With this knowledge Ben can give advice on your tattoo ideas as well as making sure your stay with us is the best you have experienced in a tattoo studio. Chat with Ben now
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Holly Andrew tattoos in many mediums from Black & Grey realism to Neo Traditional. Her real joy is in creating video game / geek inspired pieces. With this Holly offers the Nintendo Pokemon challenge, her mission is to tattoo all 150 original Pokemon characters. Check our Holly's page to see how many she has done so far! Geek / pop culture tattoos, black and grey realism and neo traditional..Holly is the artist for you!
See her work.


Dotwork shading mixed with neo traditional tattoos is Davids passion. He also loves traditional japanese tattoos. Along with these styles David has started to tattoo more realistic styled wildlife tattoos also. We welcome walk in tattoos and David will be the artist for you, wondering about your next tattoo but unsure what to have? David has some amazing designs ready to grab if you are after some new tattoo ideas.
See his work.