Bio-mechanical realistic award winning international custom tattoo artist

Main Artist Przemek “Shamack” is an award winning artist, recently winning “Best Large Black and Grey of Sunday” at Wrexham tattoo convention in 2017 and “Best of the day” at the Nottingham Tattoo Convention in April 2016. He has loved the art of Tattooing since he was 15 and started his career in 2008. Shamack has a wide range of styles including Black and Grey, Realism and Colour work, but his passion lies in Bio-Mechanical. His client base speaks for itself with customers returning for every session with the expectation of a world class tattoo and great laughs. 
He also owns a gopher snake called Ceaser and enjoys coming to work with his lovely partner Anna Paprzycka!

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Here are some of the upcoming conventions Shamack will be attending.