Adrianna Grzelak - 2nd-13th of August 2019   

  • Tiger b&G calf animal tattoo by Adrianna Grzelak
  • Tiger b&G calf animal tattoo by Adrianna Grzelak

Adrianna is a passionate and talented tattoo artist who bases her style on realism with graphic styles mixed throughout to create a more original, abstract and engaging type of design. Outside of her tattooing career Adrianna participated as a painting animator in the production of “Loving Vincent”, the first fully painted feature film which was also nominated for an Oscar. Adrianna’s artwork mixes inspiration and media, she also mixes her tattoo designs, making her as flexible as she is skilled.

Maciek Nedynski - 8th-13th of August 2019   

Maciek Nedynski was initially taught how to draw by his artist mother, before continuing his study of different art forms throughout his education and finding his inspiration in Old Masters such as Albrecht Durer, Francisco Goya, Rembrandt van Rijn and Gustave Dore. This influenced Maciek’s tattooing style, specifically black work which has become his passion. He specialises in a black & grey graphic design style which he adapts to varied subject matters, creating visually interesting and unconventional tattoo styles that would appeal to a large audience.

Damian Cooper - 20th-21st of August 2019   

We are pleased to announce that we have guest artist Damian Cooper back in the InkDen studio with us from August 21st to August 22nd.

Damian has a passion and great talent for dot-work tattooing and also for black and grey work.

Monny Mon Koch - 21st – 24th of August 2019 

Monny Mon Koch has made quite the name for herself not just in the UK but across Europe where she has made her stamp while winning various tattoo convention awards. Her colour realism is something anyone can appreciate, Monny mixes various styles of work and injects this with such vibrant colours, this style of work has seen her grace many tattoo magazines now as well as conventions. At the young age of 27 things are only set to become bigger and better for Monny.

Rafal Baj - 12th – 17th of September 2019 

Guest artist Rafal Baj is back here at Inkden Tattoo Studio from the 12.09 - 17.09.2019. We're really looking forward to having him back with us! If you would like something from this black and grey realism artist, or would like to continue work from one of his last visits to us, then get in touch- for any enquiries call us on 07957021702, or for bookings

Martyna Pichalska - 4th-7th of Nov 2019