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 A stunning lion and lioness starting a full leg sleeve created by the very talented Shamack custom tattoo artist. Both have realistic details and full of pride!

This is a unique way to incorporate many names into a black and grey dream catcher design. If you would like something as sentimental and special to you, Get in touch! Sentimental tattoos are always the best.

Here it is, The inside of the stunning Marilyn Monroe sleeve produces by Shamack. you can see her natural beauty and personality in each one of these portraits.

Shamack had chance to add Marilyn Monroe’s kiss to this black and grey sleeve he has been working on. An amazing tattoo sleeve with many iconic images of Marilyn from a combination of films. Keep an eye out for pictures of the inside of the arm sleeve! If you would like to start a sleeve or other larger projects don’t hesitate to get in touch!

A couple of logos added to a colour Marvel leg tattoo piece Holly recently started. We aren’t going to ruin the surprise, but we’re very excited to see the next addition to this already amazing piece.

Holly really enjoyed adding some black and grey custom design of sun rays and water to a piece she has previously worked on. It has healed beautifully and we can’t wait to see it all finished.

Another Pokemon piece by Holly.

This one featuring Ponyta and Rapidash! There are still a few of the original 151 Pokemon. Available at a massively discounted rate of £50 for black and grey/£60 for full colour tattoo, size dependant. So if you’re interested in getting something as awesome as these guys below then get in touch!

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