Here at Inkden Tattoo Studio & Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic, we have 7 years of experience removing tattoos and over 20 years of tattooing experience. We like to pride ourselves on our 5-star hygiene rating and that we use the medical grade laser machines as medical clinics, and Anna (our laser tattoo removal specialist) has the highest available qualifications in this field from Lynton and Manchester University. By combining our knowledge of laser removal and tattoo experience, we can recommend the best course of action to deal with your unwanted tattoos. This is one thing doctors can’t do! We can make an unwanted tattoo disappear or fade it enough to work over it once it has fully healed. We guarantee to give you the best advice and quality of work in the whole of Blackpool.

Do you have a tattoo you regret? They aren’t for life anymore!


The beautiful magpie on the right was a coverup by Shamack, covering a piece that the client had previously had 4 sessions of laser removal on with Blackpool Laser Tattoo Removal Inkden Clinic.

With startups on the rise, many companies have introduced a more relaxed environment to keep employees happy and stay competitive. Consequently, hiding ink in the office has largely become a thing of the past, but some employers still frown upon visible tattoos. If you’re thinking of leaving the cubicle behind and traveling the world as a flight attendant, you’ll have to look into laser tattoo removal if the uniform doesn’t cover the entire tat. Likewise, careers in sales, teaching and other industries require employees to uphold a professional appearance that may force you to remove the ink you love.

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