What do we mean by art? Art is intended to challenge one’s view, change a person’s perceptions or in some cases it’s simply intended to make a stance or statement, therefore can we not now consider tattoos as an art-form?

Tattoos are an ancient form of artwork, originally created to identify a genre of people or to symbolise an individual’s belonging to a community. Today, however, they are trendy fashion statements. In fact, in recent years the general perception of tattooing has changed drastically, albeit celebrity endorsement has played a huge part with the likes of Rihanna and David Beckham leading the way in body art – it seems like the next big craze!

A report by the Telegraph suggests that by 2025 the UK will reach its ‘tattoo peak’ and is estimated that about one in five of the UK population as a whole is tattooed, with this figure rising to one in three for young adults. Does the rise in tattoo popularity have a connection to how it is now perceived?

Art historian Dr Matt Lodder and Nick Schonberger, author of Forever, the New Tattoo, see’s tattooing as an important, legitimate art form, and to view tattoos as works of art. Lodder urges us to think of them as perhaps ‘the best reflection we have of the soul in modern life.’

Just as a painter would go to college or university to learn this skill, so does a tattoo artist. They undergo an apprenticeship for a minimum of 12 months where they learn the skills and knowledge of the trade. It’s essentially a rite of passage for all would-be tattooists and is not easy to come by either.

Tattoo styles have been around from the beginning, but in recent years they’ve emerged on to the market as a trend and are now widely popular with people from all over the world. From Bio-mechanical, to Japanese, Neo-Traditional to New School, I would urge you to take a look at your own tat’s and tell me what you see? Are they not crafted pieces of art, personable to you, your interest or experiences? Designed by a person’s own hand – I would say this is art… Is it not?

At Inkden we want to educate our customers on design, especially if they’re a first timer. It’s so incredibly important to research what you want.  The style is crucial. Have you seen something that you like? Or would you prefer a truly bespoke design? Consider this carefully. We’re not called tattoo artists for nothing, and our team spend time researching and designing tattoos on paper before we put needle to skin. It takes a great deal of skill and expertise to draw on the human body.


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