Anna, Shamack and Jarek had the pleasure of visiting London this past weekend to meet the inspirational Polish World War II veteran Sergiusz Papliński. We have more footage of their inspirational time with Sergiusz which we will post shortly.

Below is a short brief of Sergiusz’s teenage years onwards and what brought Shamack and Annas attention to this incredible gentleman.

He participated in the key partisan actions of the “Gray” grouping in the forests of Iłżec, Starachowice and Koneckie at the very early age of 15 years old.

Sergiusz was later imprisoned in Radom until his freedom which came from the ” Gray ” division under the command of Commander Stefan Bembiński.

He later on joined the ranks of Freedom and Independence. He led a diversionary fight in Pomerania and sadly in 1946 he was forced to leave Poland to protect his own life.

Dressed in the NKVD uniform, Sergiusz managed his fleet to Berlin which was the American occupation zone. After safe ground was found Sergiusz made his move to England from the transit camp and worked there in the structures of the Association of Freedom and Independence.

During his time in England, Sergiusz graduated from an art school and began painting paintings. Still to this day Sergiusz has the passion and continues to paint.