Anna, Shamack and Jarek had the pleasure of visiting London this past weekend to meet the inspirational Polish World War II veteran Sergiusz Papliński. We have more footage of their inspirational time with Sergiusz which we will post shortly.

Below is a short brief of Sergiusz’s teenage years onwards and what brought Shamack and Annas attention to this incredible gentleman.

He participated in the key partisan actions of the “Gray” grouping in the forests of Iłżec, Starachowice and Koneckie at the very early age of 15 years old.

Sergiusz was later imprisoned in Radom until his freedom which came from the ” Gray ” division under the command of Commander Stefan Bembiński.

He later on joined the ranks of Freedom and Independence. He led a diversionary fight in Pomerania and sadly in 1946 he was forced to leave Poland to protect his own life.

Dressed in the NKVD uniform, Sergiusz managed his fleet to Berlin which was the American occupation zone. After safe ground was found Sergiusz made his move to England from the transit camp and worked there in the structures of the Association of Freedom and Independence.

During his time in England, Sergiusz graduated from an art school and began painting paintings. Still to this day Sergiusz has the passion and continues to paint.

What a great day it was in the InkDen studio!!

We had the pleasure of having Australian industrial metal band Darkcell in the studio all wanting tattoos to mark their first UK tour circuit.

Below is a shot of the group as they arrived in the studio. As you can see none of the band were newbies when it comes to tattooing so it was great to discuss work they had done in the past back home and new ideas to mark their time in the UK.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Darkcell guys for their time in the studio and also their patience, we had David, Vitaly and Shamack tattooing the guys. We had an amazing day full of music, laughs and great tattoos with the guys. But our time with Darkcell wasn’t over!!! We were given the chance to go see the guys play a set at The Waterloo Pub on the Saturday as part of the two day hang tight music festival. A huge thank you to Ian and Lucas at the Waterloo Pub for your great hospitality as always.

The night was full of awesome bands, great people and great food! Below is some footage we took while the boys were in the studio with ourselves. Its safe to say that we all had a great week here at InkDen and we wish the Darkcell guys all the best with the rest of their European tour…..Hail! Our door is always open and our tattoo machines are always ready to go for you guys.

Till next time guys!!

There are various reasons why artists may differ in prices when it comes to quoting you on your tattoo. Much like in many other aspects of life, cheaper usually always means lower quality. When it comes to your body, health and the design that will be literally underneath your skin it is far better to invest in a good and reputable artist.

We know having a new tattoo can be a scary time, but we are here to make preparing for your new tattoo as easy as possible 😉

Great start to the day here at InkDen, we have our good friends and guest artists Adrianna and Maciek with us this week until the 29th.

Maciek is getting started on a custom 2 day Koi piece in his graphic style, cant wait to see how this looks!

Adrianna is busy getting designs ready for her customers for the next coming days.

Shamack is carrying on with an awesome Spartan inspired sleeve while Vitaly is continuing with his Mortal Kombat 11 sleeve. Holly having a great morning with Kev doing some script work, David is busy creating new designs and the fish..well the fish just wants to say hello! Have a great day guys!!

Was a great morning when we was looking through the new issue of Skin Deep tattoo magazine and came across this photo by our good friend and guest artist Adrianna! 

Well done Adrianna! 

Adrianna does still have some availability while on her guest spot with our selves next week (May 22nd – 29th) so if you would like to book in with herself feel free to drop us a message, call us on 07957 021702 or via our website

We are proud to announce that our apprentice David is now an apprentice no more!

We are so happy to say that David is now a fully qualified tattoo artist!

The past 2 years in Davids apprenticeship have gone so fast and its been great to see his style and technique come so far in this time and we are so happy to have David in our InkDen family.

Below are some images of Davids work including his first ever tattoo that he tattooed on himself under Shamacks supervision.

Congratulations to David!!! Here’s to many many more years of tattooing, the fun has only just begun!!

So as many of you have already seen we have been busy adding new signs and decor to the studio, we also have a new InkDen logo which we love! Let us know what you guys think of it all.

Also here is a short video we have been busy editing which is displayed oiutside the studio now. Feedback is always appreciated so let us know what you guys think and as always thank you for all your support and kind words, it never goes missed or underappreciated.

Maciek Nedynski will be guesting at Inkden Tattoo Studio Blackpool from 22nd-29th May 2019. Tattoo trainee with a year’s tattooing experience, Maciek Nedynski was initially taught how to draw by his artist mother, before continuing his study of different art forms throughout his education and finding his inspiration in Old Masters such as Albrecht Durer, Francisco Goya, Rembrandt van Rijn and Gustave Dore. This influenced Maciek’s tattooing style, specifically blackwork- he specialises in black & grey graphic design styles. Maciek Nedynski is able to adapt his tattoo style to suite a variety of subject matter, creating visually interesting and unconventional tattoo styles that would appeal to a large audience.

For examples of Maciek’s work you can go to:
If you would like to book in with Maciek Nedynski whilst he is at Inkden Tattoo Studio Blackpool, get in touch on 07957021702.

Shamack and Anna had a great weekend in Evesham celebrating the first ever Polish heritage day which was held at the Evesham Market Square.

At the event there was something for everyone to experience from traditional Polish BBQ food, homemade cakes, children’s games to live Polish music.

Shamack and Anna held their own stall at the celebrations with a large variety of teas available from Anna under her new business venture Tea Amantes, which brings flavours of tea from all around the world direct to your kitchen.

While Shamack was showcasing his new edition T-Shirt which is based on the much loved and known Fiat 126p. As well as clothing Shamack also had mugs available with the Fiat design. 

It looks like this was a really great weekend 


Adrianna Grzelak will be back at Inkden Tattoo Studio Blackpool from 22nd of May till the 29th May 2019.

Adrianna is a tattoo artist who bases her tattooing style on realism with graphic styles mixed throughout to create a more original, abstract and engaging type of design. Outside of her tattooing career Adrianna participated as a painting animator in the production of “Loving Vincent”, the first fully painted feature film which was also nominated for an Oscar. Adrianna’s artwork mixes inspiration and media, she also mixes her tattoo designs, making her as flexible as she is skilled.