Being a tattoo artist like any other style of artist with time naturally brings progression. With progression comes changes and we are sad but also very happy to see our amazing resident artist Danielle and good friend move on to opening her own new studio in the coming month. 

Danielle has been with us for 4 years now; in this time it’s been great seeing her style progress, to have many fun times together as friends not only in the studio but out of the studio as well. 

We whole heartedly wish Danielle all the best in her new adventure and would like to say a huge thank you to all of our friends that have had work done by Danielle in the InkDen studio, you are as always very welcome to come into the studio for any needs you may need. 

Danielle’s last day with ourselves is May 12th; we also wanted to share this with anyone that wanted to have some work finished by Danielle in her final weeks of being with us here at InkDen Tattoo Studio.

As always we would like to say a huge thank you to all of our customers both past and present, without you none of this dream that we live would be possible,

InkDen Tattoo Studio

Another great tattoo convention!! It as great to visit the Birmingham Ink & Iron tattoo convention once again. 

Spanning over 3 days the convention hosted over 130 artists from around the globe. With so many artists brings so many diverse and amazing tattoos, which as amazing to see.

Shamack was tattooing over the three day event, meeting up with some old friends and finishing some large pieces from previous conventions and also creating some new pieces for some great customers.

Ink & Iron as well as being a great convention holds history in its name. It was the first convention to ever be held here in the UK making its stamp on the UK tattoo industry. With this heritage it brought some of the old school artists which again was amazing to see in person.

We say goodbye once again to the great team at Ink & Iron and we shall see you in 2020!

If anyone was lucky enough to attend the convention it would be great to see some photos of your finds over the weekend and any tattoos you have done yourselves. 

Here at Inkden Tattoo and Laser Removal Clinic Blackpool we know having a new tattoo can be a scary time, but we are here to make preparing for your new tattoo as easy as possible with this super simple guide.

Once again its convention time here at Inkden tattoo studio, this time a little further afield….Portugal!!

This was Shamacks first visit to Portugal’s largest tattoo convention, Oporto tattoo convention. 

As well as tattooing over the three day event Shamack was also invited as a guest judge alongside his good friend and tattooist Pedro Vandiesel. There were so many amazing tattoos being created at the three day event alongside live bands, performers and merch stalls. Over 350 artists attended the convention across 170 stands from all corners of the world.

It was a great time to catch up with some old friends as well as meeting new ones. 

After a very busy but enjoyable event it was time to say good bye to Oporto but it’s safe to say this won’t be the last time!! 

We had a great time at this years tattoo tea party, its was great to see some old friends and make lots of new ones. As well as tattooing there was so much to see from star wars characters roaming the booths to watching a flea circus! Something for everyone was on offer, even if you dont like tattoos.

This year we was proud to have our guest artist Adrianna Marta Grzelak attend the tea party with us who normally tattoos in Toruń, Poland. After the convention Adrianna also guest spotted with us in the studio both Monday and Tuesday. We shall be posting photos of her work shortly, its always great to have a guest artist bring yet another different style of tattooing to the studio.

As well as offering a varied collection of artists to the public Anna also introduced her brand new venture – Tea Amantes!! Bringing teas from all around the world straight to your cup! The Tea Amantes website will be live soon so keep your eyes on our blog if tea is your thing. There is such a varied selection on offer, more than I never knew!

Below are some photos of both Danielle and Shamacks work that was created at the tea party convention. We would also like to say a big thank you to our friends for having us tattoo them over the weekend. If anyone has any photos from the weekend please feel free to send them over, it would be great to see what you guys captured throughout the weekend.

More photos to follow shortly of Holly, Vitaly and Adriana.

Laser Removal is something we try to avoid here at Inkden Tattoo and Laser Removal clinic. But with times changing, and tattoos with it, some types and styles of tattoos will go from amazing to….not so amazing. If you’ve got regrettable ink that needs to go, then laser removal is the answer.

Inkden Tattoo Laser Removal Clinic have created a list of suggestions to make the process of preparing for your laser removal session as simple as possible.

We are all tattooing at Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester on the 2nd & 3rd March ( next weekend ) and still have some availability if anyone would like to be tattooed at the convention – if you’re interested give us a message!

Its set to be anazming weekend of tattoos and entertainemnt, if you are attending the convention feel free to pop and say hello, would be great to see you all there!!

For any enquiries call us on 07957021702, or for bookings go to

Adrianna Grzelak will be back at Inkden Tattoo Studio Blackpool from 2nd of March till the 5th of March.

Adrianna is a tattoo artist who bases her tattooing style on realism with graphic styles mixed throughout to create a more original, abstract and engaging type of design. Outside of her tattooing career Adrianna participated as a painting animator in the production of “Loving Vincent”, the first fully painted feature film which was also nominated for an Oscar. Adrianna’s artwork mixes inspiration and media, she also mixes her tattoo designs, making her as flexible as she is skilled.

We are also very proud to announce Adrianna will be guesting at Tattoo Tea Party with ourselves this March!!

For examples of Adrianna’s work you can go to:

If you would like to book in with Adrianna Grzelak whilst she is guesting at Inkden Tattoo Studio Blackpool, get in touch on here or give us a call on 07957021702.

For those that are not familiar with our studio here is great video breaking down each of our resident artists styles and also a glimpse into our laser removal clinic too!!

Happy viewing guys and have a great weekend!!!

Here at Inkden Tattoo Studio & Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic, we have 7 years of experience removing tattoos and over 20 years of tattooing experience. We like to pride ourselves on our 5-star hygiene rating and that we use the medical grade laser machines as medical clinics, and Anna (our laser tattoo removal specialist) has the highest available qualifications in this field from Lynton and Manchester University.

By combining our knowledge of laser removal and tattoo experience, we can recommend the best course of action to deal with your unwanted tattoos. This is one thing doctors can’t do! We can make an unwanted tattoo disappear or fade it enough to work over it once it has fully healed. We guarantee to give you the best advice and quality of work in the whole of Blackpool.

If you have any unwanted tattoos, contact us for a FREE consultation – 07957 021702.