Shamack Malachowski

Owner / Tattoo Artist

I have been tattooing since 2008, after having a fascination with tattooing since I was 15. The weekend of the exhibition marks the 2 year anniversary of me becoming the sole owner of Inkden!

I specialize in black and grey realism, in particular bio-mechanical, my main and favorite style. I do tattoo colour pieces also. I make biomechanical sculptures and also like to create artwork with my airbrush, as well as painting and drawing. A lot of my inspiration comes from artists such as H.R. Geiger, the creator of the Xenomorph and a lot of the Alien artwork, as well as Tattoo Artists artists like Tofi, Anil Gupta, Pavel Angel. Some other inspirations include great friends Jordan Oterski, Max Pniewski and the fantastic team I work with. I have worked on a variety of collaborations, both artwork/sculptures and tattoos; I have worked on both with Jordan Oterski.

My aim for this weekend is to show to people how closely art and tattooing truly is, and how tattooist are artists- we utilize a wide variety of skills in order to produce the work we put on peoples skin. A fun fact about me is that I have a (nearly) life sized cardboard cut out of the Transformer T-Rex in my spare bedroom of my house!