Good news from yesterday!!!

2nd Large Black and Grey for our Przemek (Shamack) Malachowski on  Wrexham Tattoo Show.

Well done Shamack!!!

Przemek (or Shamack to the people who know him) is the owner of Inkden Tattoo Studio in Blackpool. Formally known as the Dragon’s Den, the studio has grown from strength to strength.
Shamack works in predominatly Black and Grey, but has tattooed some incredible colour work in his time. His Favourite style is Bio-Mechanical, creating pieces of art through freehand methods by using body flow to his advantage.



His vision for all things Bio-Mechanical is impeccable, and to make each piece he does completely different must be a hard task.
Shamack’s portraits are another style that he loves to do, as you can see from his photos.