We are proud to announce that our apprentice David is now an apprentice no more!

We are so happy to say that David is now a fully qualified tattoo artist!

The past 2 years in Davids apprenticeship have gone so fast and its been great to see his style and technique come so far in this time and we are so happy to have David in our InkDen family.

Below are some images of Davids work including his first ever tattoo that he tattooed on himself under Shamacks supervision.

Congratulations to David!!! Here’s to many many more years of tattooing, the fun has only just begun!!

Maciek Nedynski will be guesting at Inkden Tattoo Studio Blackpool from 22nd-29th May 2019. Tattoo trainee with a year’s tattooing experience, Maciek Nedynski was initially taught how to draw by his artist mother, before continuing his study of different art forms throughout his education and finding his inspiration in Old Masters such as Albrecht Durer, Francisco Goya, Rembrandt van Rijn and Gustave Dore. This influenced Maciek’s tattooing style, specifically blackwork- he specialises in black & grey graphic design styles. Maciek Nedynski is able to adapt his tattoo style to suite a variety of subject matter, creating visually interesting and unconventional tattoo styles that would appeal to a large audience.

For examples of Maciek’s work you can go to:
If you would like to book in with Maciek Nedynski whilst he is at Inkden Tattoo Studio Blackpool, get in touch on 07957021702.

Shamack and Anna had a great weekend in Evesham celebrating the first ever Polish heritage day which was held at the Evesham Market Square.

At the event there was something for everyone to experience from traditional Polish BBQ food, homemade cakes, children’s games to live Polish music.

Shamack and Anna held their own stall at the celebrations with a large variety of teas available from Anna under her new business venture Tea Amantes, which brings flavours of tea from all around the world direct to your kitchen.

While Shamack was showcasing his new edition T-Shirt which is based on the much loved and known Fiat 126p. As well as clothing Shamack also had mugs available with the Fiat design. 

It looks like this was a really great weekend 


He is a talented artist who loves to work with black and greys, but he isn’t afraid of using bright colours as well!

I have been tattooing for about 7+ years. I usually like to do realistic pieces but also like to mix and do other styles and some colour work too.
My artistic style is mainly realism too but I like to try different styles and methods. My art style and methods helps me achieve different results in tattooing.
No I haven’t participated in any interesting collaborations but would like to.
Any art forms inspire me, I believe you can use any type of art and use parts or all of it in your own way to achieve interesting results.
I am a tattoo artist from Latvia who works in the UK for more than 7 years. I like trying interesting combinations to create tattoos or tattoo designs for my customers. I like to change things all the time and to see what type of new form it brings in tattooing or artwork – Vitaly.

You can see examples of his work at

If you would like to book in with Vitaly you can message the studio on here or via the request section of our website.


Check this out guys!
A short video from the last Shamack (Przemek Malachowski) and Anna visit in Poland.

Thank you Max PniewskiAdrianna Marta GrzelakMaciek NedyńskiEwa KrakowskaDawid Falkowski for a great fun!!!

That was a very productive guest spot 

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